Wanna play like the pros? Try out our new mouthguards with Under Armour'smulti-patented bite technology which has been scientifically proven to enhance your performance. They increase strength, endurance, speed reaction time, reduce athletic stress, and reduce impact.

No athlete should get in the game without proper protection. Whether you or your children play football, hockey, or basketball – or participate in karate, weight lifting, or gymnastics – an athletic mouthguard will protect your teeth from injury. Dr. Lakebrink and Dr. Mitts can custom-make your comfortable mouthguard.

We offer a variety of mouthguards to protect your teeth and enhance your performance. We have everything from boil-n-bites to custom mouthguards. Looking for your team color? We offer mouthguards in clear, orange, red, green, purple, dark blue, light blue, yellow, white, black, and pink!

NEW! We now have the ability to personalize your mouthguard from the color, number, team name or your name.

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