Advanced Dental Care, Dental Implants

Dr. Thomas Lakebrink has always tried to stay on the forefront of dental techniques and technology. That’s why we offer the advanced technology we have in our Liberty, MO, Kansas City, MO dental office, and that’s also why we offer advanced care techniques including dental implants. Dental implants have proven themselves over the years to be an extremely strong, reliable, and comfortable form of tooth replacement. Dr. Lakebrink offers this dental care procedure because they believe in giving patients all the amazing options modern dentistry has to offer.

Dental implants use titanium posts to act as tooth roots. While other forms of tooth replacement only replace the actual tooth itself, leaving an empty space where the tooth root used to be, dental implants replace the entire tooth structure, and this is great news for your overall oral health. Why? Tooth roots actually play a role in your jaw health. Since your jaw exists partially to hold your teeth in place, a missing tooth root signals that portion of jawbone that its work is done, and it begins to deteriorate. Dental implants keep this from happening, keeping the overall function of your bite in shape.

Computer Guided Dental Implants

With CT imaging, we are able to create a digital replica of your jawbone. Using this digital image, we can place implants with more accuracy and safety than ever before, while avoiding sensitive and critical structures such as nerves, roots, and even sinuses. The convenience and precision of CT scanning also helps us reduce the overall treatment time required for dental implants

Galileos technology at Lakebrink Dental
(We take a full 3D cone beam scan that allows our office to capture your bone depth, density, and nerve endings to ensure proper placement of implants)